Login Assistant

Light Single Sign-On


Ligth - No server needed

Single Sign-On - One PIN once

Secure - Smart Card/Token

Strong - Fingerprint recognition

Easy - Automatic login form fill


Configurable for your needs

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Protect the table of passwords on an ecnrypted local file or on a smart card or on a USB/Flash Hard Disk encrypted by an authentication PIN

Automatically fill username and password fields inside the login form

Make a backup copy of the table of passwords. Such backup table can be used instead of smart card or USB hard disk when the device is not available.

Integrated with:

Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, etc. to fill username-password fields in html login form

Applications asking for login via dialog windows. For instance the login dialog shown by Outlook Express, Client FTP, etc.

Applications with a "dos interface" which ask for username-password such as, for instance, 3270 terminal emulators, ASCII terminals etc.);

PKCS#11 compliant smart cards

Biometric PKCS#11 compliant smart cards with or without Match On Card

USB Pen Drive or SD flash disk

Localized for italian and english. Other languages on demand

Forget your passwords!

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How many passwords do you remember?

Supported Devices

While using applications and internet services, at the office or at home, we usually have to remember dozens of passwords. Very often, to remember them all, we write them on a peice of paper, risking to compromise the safety of services and applications.

The password caper (by bcj19)

Login Assistant is the solution

Login Assistant is a lightweight, easy to use Single Sign-On tool that manages passwords for all your applications and services by a single authentication PIN.

By Login Assistant you can definitely forget your passwords. The table of passwords, which usually you write on a peice of paper, will be encrypted and stored in an hardware device, such as a smart card, a USB hard disk or a flash memory card and is protected by a single authentication PIN. A software agent regularly listens to this table and suggested, when needed, the correct password for the asking application.

Finally, the PIN is the only thing you have to remember to have access to all your passwords and then to all applications.

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Encrypted Local File

Smart Card:

PKCS#11 compliant smart card

USB, Memory Card

Pen Drive USB, U3, Memory Card SD, MMC, Compact Flash, etc.

Biometric recognition

Fingerprint reader and a Pen Drive USB, a memory card or a smart card